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We specialise in communications and branding for startups and VCs with complex technologies.


Built for deeptech

Our uniquely qualified team has worked with 100+ high growth startups, accelerators, and VCs in Europe and the United States, from pre-seed to Series B, and from quantum to biotech to clean energy. We have been there and done it, but what we love about deeptech is learning about the newest, most exciting technologies. 

All of our work is specifically designed for deeptech startups and VCs. We have the expertise in-house and within our partner network to grow and flex with your needs and stages. We can manage the early foundations - messaging, rebranding, and websites - all the way to later stage support - keynotes at major conferences, prepping for interviews with tier 1 international media, and funding announcements. 

We grow with your team, giving you the expertise as and when you need it along with the strategic guidance and integrated approach required for success in deeptech. 

Bridge Structure



Life Sciences


Quantum computing

Artificial Intelligence



About our founder 

Founded by Hailey Eustace, she has worked in early stage deeptech VC, led global communications for the largest startup accelerator in the world, and worked with some of the biggest tech companies on their strategic communications.


More recently she was the communications director at a Cambridge-based deeptech company. She is an active angel investor in deeptech startups and is also a Fellow at Zinc.VC, a founding expert at Founders at the University of Cambridge, and a mentor at Deeptech Labs. 

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