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We specialize in communications and branding for early stage startups with complex technologies.



Our uniquely qualified team has worked with 100+ high growth startups, accelerators, and VCs in Europe and North America, from both the investor and startup sides. We know that having a strong message and brand identity is absolutely key to attract investors and talent. 


All of our work is specifically designed for deep tech startups and VCs. Scientists and engineers are brilliant, but they aren't always able to communicate their vision to people without a PhD in their field. We specialize in helping to translate your work into something understandable and compelling. 

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Founded by Hailey Eustace, she has worked in early stage deep tech VC, led global communications for the largest startup accelerator in the world, and worked with some of the biggest tech companies on their strategic communications. She thrives on taking complex tech and making it clear and exciting for the media and target audiences. For the past 5 years, she has been the communications director at a UK-based deep tech company and angel investing in deep tech startups. She is also a Fellow at Zinc.VC. 



Deep Tech

Life Sciences



Artificial Intelligence



Only value-add

We have designed our work to be only what adds value and none of the "extras" of large agencies with streamlined processes and small teams, which means you will communicate directly with your designer and strategist. 

Standalone projects 

Our projects are designed stand alone or build upon each other so you can add on services as and when you need them. 


Good to go 

The deliverables are designed to be easy for you and your team to use immediately so you can be self-sufficient with your marketing and branding going forward. 

Ongoing support

For startups with more complex, ongoing needs (usually Seed to Series A stages) or are a deep tech focused VC, we also offer a Fractional CMO service to become part of your team and help manage comms from the inside, but not at the same cost as a full-time CMO - get in touch if you'd like to know more. 

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